People need beauty, a unique look, especially if this uniqueness affects our home, our personal environment.
We can find many kinds of ornaments in shops and stores. They can also be beautiful, harmonize with our home. But they are far from unique, they have no story, it is difficult to connect with them, to experience the atmosphere associated with their unique discovery.
With my Raku sculptures, you can supplement your product range with a demanding, affordable ornament made of natural materials, which can be even more attractive to its customers and visitors due to its symbolic meaning.
The statues of Raku feng shui symbols sell themselves with their unique appearance, exciting color scheme - this is the product that attracts the eye, awakens the desire in the customer to own it.
High-quality, demanding shoppers are attracted to the store by raku sculptures.
Selling a piece of raku feng shui symbol sculpture is often just the beginning - the buyer returns for more pieces, either for his own sake or as a gift.
Satisfied customers pass on the news of their store to new prospective customers by displaying a raku ceramic statue in their home.
We look for you if you value products with a unique artistic look.
We are looking for you if you have an online store or may also go to craft fairs with a physical store.
We are looking for you if you deal with home furnishing, the production and distribution of individual furnishing items, if you want to expand your own product range with demanding accessories.
We are waiting for everyone who deals with interior design and interior design.
The conclusion of a reseller contract is always preceded by an individual agreement.

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